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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Scientology Anti-Drug Campaign

Also featured in the event held aboard the "Freewinds" was the release of booklets designed for drug education and drug prevention use. This is the beginning of a world-wide push to let people know the dangers of drugs and so they don't get fooled.

The booklets themselves are colorful and the information they contain is well researched. There are facts and personal experiences that show how disastrous drugs are to a person's life.

Part of the campaign is being forwarded by a group called the "Drug-Free Marshals" and at the event the actions they are taking all around the world were described in detail. These booklets are being made available to the general public for use.

Both this campaign and the human rights campaign (mentioned in an entry earlier) were covered in detail by the guest speakers, who were introduced by Mr. David Miscavige who emceed the event.

Anti-drug events and activities are covered in the Scientology News.

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