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Monday, October 11, 2004

"Freewinds" Virtual Tour

You may not make it to the Caribbean any time soon and the chances of you being at the same port of call as her may be limited. Therefore, so that you can still have a tour and see this beautiful vessel, the "Freewinds" has provided a virtual tour for you to see it from exactly where you are. So here is the virtual tour of the motor vessel "Freewinds"

And here is some more information.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

The "Freewinds" frequents many different ports in the Carribean:

Freewinds Schedule for Bonaire

Bridgetown Cruises: Freewinds Schedule

"Freewinds" - Ship Facts

Cruise Ship Schedules for 2004 with a gorgeous photo of the "Freewinds"

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

The Freewinds and the Scientology Religion

The "Freewinds" motor vessel, while providing numerous community services to the local Carribean islands, is a religious retreat for members of the Scientology Religion.

It provides a haven to get away from day to day problems and be in an environment where one can concentrate on one's spiritual progress. Delivering the Scientology spiritual counseling to those who seek a higher awareness of themselves and their abilities.

The Freewinds is refered to by Scientologists as the Flag Ship Service Organization

This motor vessel is kept in excellent condition as she sails to and from her home port of Curacao and more photos of the Freewinds can be seen here. Other ports she takes her passengers to are beautiful Bonaire and Barbados.


Wednesday, June 30, 2004


The "Freewinds" travels around the Netherlands Antilles islands visiting many of them on a frequent basis. Their home port of Curacao is of course a favorite, but there are many other locations they stop in at. Here are some cool sites that show the different places.



Jazz Activity


Bonaire Cruises


Anniversary Cruise

Nation News

Freewinds Schedule

Monday, June 21, 2004

A New Article on the Freewinds

Hot off the press is this very informative article about the "Freewinds" community activities.

To quote just a paragraph from the article, as it may disappear (some Internet news articles only stay up a day or two) from

"FOR 15 YEARS the MV Freewinds has helped local charities and exposed schoolchildren to the world of the sea, and on Sunday, officials of the cruise liner will stage a boat parade and musical extravaganza near the Flour Mill, at 2 p.m."

The Assistant marketing manager of Barbados Port Inc., Freida Nicholls, is mentioned in the article and mentions that the cruise liner "Freewinds" was part of the educational outreach programme.

The "Freewinds" in 2003 had approximately 1,000 school children visit to help educate them on life at sea.

In the hopes that this story stays up:

Nationnews Article on the Freewinds

I just found some other cool articles as well, one might be a duplicate, but they are interesting.

Pomp, Pageantry Marks Freewinds Celebrations

Freewinds to Host Concert

Friday, June 11, 2004

Introduction to the "Freewinds"

I mentioned the Freewinds in some of my other web logs, however, I decided that this beautiful vessel is worthy of a blog of her own. So here is some basic information and I will update this as I have interesting news and stories for you.

The Motor Vessel "Freewinds:"



The Freewinds, operates out of her home port in the Caribbean, away from the crossroads of the world, offers Scientologists the highest levels of spiritual advancement.

The Freewinds serves as an international meeting place, holding religious conventions and seminars for Scientology staff and parishioners.

This motor vessel also serves as host to many local activities, concerts, meetings and numerous community shows.

Here's a few links showing this:

Freewinds Jazz

Freewinds Jazz Concert

Freewinds Curacao Jazz