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Friday, June 11, 2004

Introduction to the "Freewinds"

I mentioned the Freewinds in some of my other web logs, however, I decided that this beautiful vessel is worthy of a blog of her own. So here is some basic information and I will update this as I have interesting news and stories for you.

The Motor Vessel "Freewinds:"



The Freewinds, operates out of her home port in the Caribbean, away from the crossroads of the world, offers Scientologists the highest levels of spiritual advancement.

The Freewinds serves as an international meeting place, holding religious conventions and seminars for Scientology staff and parishioners.

This motor vessel also serves as host to many local activities, concerts, meetings and numerous community shows.

Here's a few links showing this:

Freewinds Jazz

Freewinds Jazz Concert

Freewinds Curacao Jazz


VM said...

Love your site, Jenny. The Freewinds is one of my favorite places. Glad you created it!

VM said...

Dear Jenny,

Pretty cool. My favorite site about the Freewinds is
Freewinds - Forord - Hva er Scientologi?

Laughing Bobby said...

Hey, you scientologists are pretty fucked up, huh? Yeah! See you in Hell, you Satanic bastards!