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Monday, June 21, 2004

A New Article on the Freewinds

Hot off the press is this very informative article about the "Freewinds" community activities.

To quote just a paragraph from the article, as it may disappear (some Internet news articles only stay up a day or two) from

"FOR 15 YEARS the MV Freewinds has helped local charities and exposed schoolchildren to the world of the sea, and on Sunday, officials of the cruise liner will stage a boat parade and musical extravaganza near the Flour Mill, at 2 p.m."

The Assistant marketing manager of Barbados Port Inc., Freida Nicholls, is mentioned in the article and mentions that the cruise liner "Freewinds" was part of the educational outreach programme.

The "Freewinds" in 2003 had approximately 1,000 school children visit to help educate them on life at sea.

In the hopes that this story stays up:

Nationnews Article on the Freewinds

I just found some other cool articles as well, one might be a duplicate, but they are interesting.

Pomp, Pageantry Marks Freewinds Celebrations

Freewinds to Host Concert

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