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Friday, June 18, 2010

Yearly Celebration About to Begin

As I wrote the other day, the yearly celebration of the maiden voyage of the Freewinds is about to being--a week or so from now, in fact.

It's a very intimate week, with David Miscavige briefing Scientologists who have reached the state of OT VIII (OT means Operating Thetan -- a state of being above Clear, in which the Clear has become re-familiarized with his native capabilities.)

Last year, in addition to releasing the Dianetics DVD and Dianetics seminar, Mr. Miscavige announced three new Advanced Orgs (Org stands for organization--the Scientology term for one of our churches). One is in Canada, one in Mexico City for all of Latin America and one in Africa. In the past, to travel up the levels of Scientology training and counseling someone from Africa or Canada would have to go through the hassle of getting a visa and living in a foreign country. It made it really nonviable to go for a short stay. Latin Americans had to travel to a country where Spanish is not the native language. So now this is all being remedied. These new churches will open in the next year or so and they are spectacular.

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